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If beside having a great time at The Suite you wish to visit Amsterdam, that’s of course possible! Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps, with many things to see and do for everyone. You can visit one of the many museums, eat at a great variety of restaurants, shop till you drop and party all night long in many great clubs and festivals.

Here is our TOP 10!

1. Bananabar http://www.bananenbar.nl/

In the centre of the Red Light District you will find the most fun and surprising bar in erotic.
Amsterdam, the Bananenbar. Needless to say that the Banana plays a central roll in the
entertainment and we are not talking cocktails here! The scarcely dressed waitresses who will make
your heart beat faster, will make sure your glass is always filled up! The bar is on the first floor and
contains a wide bar on which the girls perform one amazing trick after the other. It is the perfect
location to hang out with your friends or to celebrate a bachelor, bachelorette, or business party.
Dont miss out on a unique and fun experience in the, by far, most eccentric bar in Amsterdam, the

2. Bananaclub http://www.bananenbar.nl/
Let yourself be seduced by the sensual dance and teasing look of the sexy dancers. The ambiance in
the strip club is friendly and invites men as well as women to come enjoy a drink and to let their eyes
discover the sensually dancing and exciting women. Let your imagination go wild, treat yourself or
your partner to a lapdance and watch a beautiful woman uncover her erotically to the music moving
body, bit by bit. For those who are intrigued, yet find beautiful half undressed women intimidating,
there is also pole-dance or table dance.

3. Cassa Rosso http://www.casarosso.nl

Amsterdam is the erotic capital of the world with Casa Rosso at the epicenter of erotic
entertainment. The theatre with the pink elephant on its facade cannot be missed during your visit.
While sitting back in a comfortable red velvet chair and enjoying a drink, you will be entertained by a
great variety of erotic shows performed by talented international erotic artists performing alone or
with a partner. The luscious performers integrate sometimes art, sometimes humour into their show
and might even interact with the audience directly

4. Hospital bar http://hospitalbar.nl

You can sit on one of the comfortable hospital beds, which make you feel like you are in a real
hospital. While enjoying delicious drinks you can then enjoy the most beautiful women dressed as
nurses during the entire evening, who will entertain you with their seductive pole dancing acts.

5. Erotic Museum http://www.erotisch-museum.nl/

Being one of the oldest and historically richest cities in the world, Amsterdam also has some erotic
history to offer you. Be welcomed by a typical Dutch girl on a very special bicycle and be transported
from pleasure objects to paintings, prints and hilarious cartoons. Improve your history and art
knowledge on a fun theme, take a peek on the floor dedicated to Sado Masochism only and check
out La Galerie Provocatrice or Sexy Art Gallery that has been recently added.

6. Paleis van weemoed  http://www.paleis-van-de-weemoed.nl

We are glad you are here! In Amsterdams finest theater restaurant. Browse this site and be amazed by
our culinary and theatrical combination . Our artists, our friendly staff, our tasty cuisine, and our
authentic ambiance will make your visit to the Paleis van de Weemoed the perfect night out.

7. Supperclub http://supperclub.amsterdam

supperclub is more than a restaurant, a gallery, a bar or a club. it is all of the above. it’s a place where
like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night. supperclub brings you a
night full of spectacle, from exciting food concepts, exhilarating music, provocative performances to
artistic visuals. everyone plays a role, even you, and fills in the white canvas that is the supperclub.

8. Suppercruise http://www.supperclubcruise.nl

Feel like kicking back and relaxing while gazing over the water in the candle lit Le Bar Noir? Sail along
the river and watch the flashing lights of Amsterdam passing you by. Or prefer to get your party
started in the snow-white La Salle Neige? Where our signature crisp white beds light up the room in
any colour or mood. Nothing is obligatory and anything’s possible.

9. Dining in the dark http://www.ctaste.nl/ 

Visiting ctaste Amsterdam is not like visiting an ordinary restaurant. In ctaste you will enjoy your food
in the complete dark… The dining in the dark experience allows you to willingly plunge into a world of
sensitivity you have never experienced before, taking you through a journey of taste, sound and
touch, all in the dark.

10. Boom Chicago http://www.boomchicago.nl

Boom Chicago creates smart and funny comedy shows at our theater on the Rozengracht in
Amsterdam. A Boom show is a fast-paced mix of sharp writing, quick improvisation, video, music and
technology. You and your friends enjoy the show from a table with buckets of beer and bottles of


June 2021


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    What else?

    If beside having a great time at The Suite you wish to visit Amsterdam, that’s of course possible! Amsterdam is a city that never s...

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