House rules/Terms and conditions

1. It is not permitted to be under influence or in possession of drugs. Also buying and selling drugs is prohibited. The Suite Amsterdam has a zero-tolerance drug policy . Smoking is only allowed on the first floor (lounge and kitchen).
2. In case of disturbancy your stay will be terminated immediately without reimbursement or restitution.
The supply of electricity, lighting, heating and airconditioning of The Suite Amsterdam can be remotely controlled. When house rules are breached, we hold the right to (permanently) interrupt its supply, terminate your stay and charge the full guarantor of €250,- 
3. The Suite Amsterdam is a Bed&Breakfast facility which follows the regulations made by the local government. Partly due to these regulations The Suite Amsterdam may welcome a maximum of 4 guests. The first two guests are included in de rentalfee. For other guests a surcharge of €50,- for each unique person that enters the building is applicable, regardless of the duration of his or her presence. Extra persons should be registered in advance at the managent or administration of  The Suite Amsterdam. Violation of this rule means we will excercise our right to end your stay without reinbursment or restitution and charge the full guarantor of €250,- Separate from the guarantor the costprice of the eviction starts at €300,-
4. The renter of The Suite Amsterdam is responsible for the state of the property, together with the items/accessories which belong to it. Renter accepts all financial consequences in case of damage or loss. The costs of replacement will be charged. The deposit goes via credit card. All costs for caused damages, breakage or loss of items/accessories will be settled via credit card.
5. The Suite Amsterdam has a BDSM theme, the interior and accessories support the theme, but the presence of specific furniture, accessories or other inventory is never guaranteed. We always recommend that you take care of the presence of your favorite accessories yourself.
6. During the incheck we need a valid foto-ID. We will save a copy in case of any unlawfull irregularities. After your checkout or cleaning all personal information will be erased and permanently deleted.
7. Under no circumstances The Suite Amsterdam is responsible for goods, materials or objects left behind.
8. For maximum privacy The kinky suite uses coded and registered keys. Every loss of keys means replacing all keys and locks. Renter accepts all costs of replacement €250,-
9. Check-in and Check-out rules:
- We ask you to arrive on time, if you cannot be on time please let us know as soon as possible but at least 4 hours in advance. The Suite doesn’t have a regular reception, so our host/hostess will be waiting for you exclusively. Changing the time of the incheck is without cost. But we charge €15,- per half hour waiting time if the scheduled inchecktime is exceeded with more than 15 minutes.
We strongly advise you to read the rules regarding the checkout carefully. This prevents deductions from your deposit or charges on your credit card.
10. The Kinky Suite is not liable for damages or expenses caused by the use of items/accessories belonging to The Suite Amsterdam.
11. Cancellations;
We charge 50% of the total amount for cancellations placed thirty (30) days or longer before arrival.
We charge 100% of the total amount for cancellations made less than thirty (30) days before the arrivaldate or in case of no show.
Reservations are not transferable to third parties. Reservations cannot be rescheduled.
Please note!!! Due to covid-19 (corona) there is only coulance for reservations placed before march 15, 2020.  
12. Renter is liable for any fines that are imposed to owner en sub-renter of The Suite Amsterdam by government or local authorities, as a result of breaching the houserules. This includes all neccesary legal fees. Renter is also liable for all loss of income as the result of breached houserules. 
13. The presence of minors is absolutely prohibited in The Suite Amsterdam.
14. Pets are not allowed in The Suite Amsterdam.
15. Prices do not include breakfast or bedlinnen (€20,-). Mirrorroom is included in full bookings (start 1300 hrs) surcharge is €40,- 
16. In order to preserve this facility we hold the right to immediately discontinue its usage when house rules are breached. We also reserve the right to charge the full guarantor of €250,- after the checkout. Without reinbursment or restitution or posibility for correspondence. If a violation of the house rules is suspected, we are authorized to enter The Suite Amsterdam without prior permission, and we are also authorized to grant third parties permission to enter The Suite Amsterdam. 
17. In consideration of your privacy all credticard-charges will be executed without any reference to The Suite Amsterdam. Banking- or creditcard cost are being charged to the holder of the creditcard.
18. Minimum cost for administrative changes or handling is at least €50,- per action

April 2021


Reserved from 19:00, checkout next day 11:30 am | Fee € 249,-

Reserved from 13:00. checkout next day 11:30 am | Fee € 289,-

Available from 7.00 pm

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